Case Study – Ambipar Disaster Response

Full Vinyl Wrap on Ambipar's busAt Pureblind, we take pride in our partnerships, especially when they involve organizations like Ambipar Disaster Response. As Ambipar made its mark in the American disaster response market, we embarked on a journey of collaboration that redefined standards and elevated expectations.

Our relationship with Ambipar spans across a myriad of projects, from fleet wraps to mobile command units, each showcasing our commitment to quality and precision. Together, we’ve transformed over 30 trucks, numerous semi-trucks, trailers, ATVs, passenger buses, and specialized equipment into powerful brand assets.

However, our journey wasn’t without its challenges. To meet Ambipar’s exacting standards, we first had to match their specific green color through meticulous test prints. Site surveys followed, allowing us to measure each vehicle and equipment piece accurately.

Applying Vinyl Wrap to a Commercial TrailerWith the data in hand, we crafted detailed proofs, aligning every design element with Ambipar’s corporate guidelines. Collaboration with their Brazilian team was essential, ensuring approvals and bid success. Once greenlit, our production team sprang into action, delivering wraps of unparalleled quality and precision.

Installation became a synchronized dance, with our talented team coordinating with Ambipar’s Arvada branch. Each vehicle received meticulous attention, with 1-2 wraps completed daily until the entire fleet gleamed with fresh branding.

The impact of our collaboration didn’t stop there. Ambipar’s refreshed fleet sparked new business opportunities, leading to additional vehicle additions and updated branding standards. Our dedication extended beyond installation, as we seamlessly repaired damaged panels, preserving brand integrity with flawless color matching.

Ambipar's full Bus wrapLooking ahead, our partnership with Ambipar holds immense promise. As we aspire to manage their national account, our shared commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Our ability to deliver exceptional results has earned praise from Ambipar’s Operations Manager, affirming the strength of our collaboration.

In closing, our journey with Ambipar exemplifies the power of partnership and the pursuit of excellence. As we continue to innovate and elevate, Pureblind remains steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional results and forging lasting relationships.

Join us as we write the next chapter in our partnership with Ambipar Disaster Response, fueled by creativity, precision, and a shared vision of success.