Working with Jordan Montera

Hey Guys! Today, we are going to take you from the beginning to the end of one of our favorite projects ever. Recently, we had the great honor of working with Jordan Montera, an Instagram influencer with an adventurous spirit and a heart of gold. We took his heavily modified Toyota Tundra, a canvas waiting to come to life, and made it into a true work of art!

The story began when Nick (Pureblind’s owner) crossed paths with Jordan at Overland Expo 2023, courtesy of our friends at Mountain Yotas and 4×4 Colorado. The chemistry between them was instant, bonded by mutual friends, a love of off-roading, and a similar creative spirit. After a great introductory conversation, Jordan graciously agreed to let Nick work his magic on his Tundra.

Before we could turn this ambitious vision into reality, Nick and Jordan had several face-to-face meetings. They carefully measured every inch of his vehicle, from the Tundra itself to the Super Pacific camper topper. This was essential, as the truck has several aftermarket modifications (bumpers, lights, and topper to name a few). During this process of meetings we also did a color match to Jordan’s original paint color (now called “Montera Green”) so that it could be used in the design itself.

By color matching to his green, all of the shades of green in his wrap exist within the same color family. So now when Jordan goes to open his doors and steps out, the greens from his door jams match seamlessly with his wrap. We went this extra mile to make sure this wrap looked as good as possible, even if most people won’t see it until he opens his doors. In fact, most people wouldn’t even notice we did that, which is exactly the point!

After meeting with Jordan and getting his color dialed in, Nick dived into the creative process, crafting the entire wrap from scratch. Nick is a lot like a tattoo artist, because he is able to read his client’s and what their “style” is based on conversations with them. He knew it had to be powerful, but also devoid of any ego, because that is how Jordan carries himself. As an artist, Nick’s mind latched onto the idea of doing a noble lion as the main focal point of the wrap. Honestly, Jordan wasn’t quite sure what to make of that idea at first, but he trusted nick and allowed him full creative freedom. The only nudges that Jordan would give nick were photos of other vehicles with custom camo patterns on them. Nick took that inspiration into account and created Jordan his own version of camo, 100% custom for this truck wrap. The camo works super well with the Lion, and gives the truck an urban and outdoorsy feel at the same time.

Designing in Adobe Illustrator is one thing, but creating full fledged large-scale artwork is another. Nick has had over 20 years of experience using Illustrator at a high level. As Nick would joke, if 10,000 hours makes you a master, he must be approaching grand master territory as he nears 100,000 hours. Truly, it’s hard to explain the level of detail, skill, patience and knowledge that must go into a wrap of this caliber to create it in a fully vector format. This mastery of digital art extends not only into illustrating at a high level, but also creating the wrap artwork in a way that will print correctly (colors, layout, sizing, etc) while not creating any design flaws.

After finalizing the design, Nick prepared it for print, and our world-class production team at Pureblind used the highest quality vinyl to ensure a perfect outcome. The precision and craftsmanship are a level above anything we have done before, making this one of our most powerful statement pieces ever. In terms of print quality, this wrap absolutely knocks it out of the park in every single way. It didn’t happen by accident, our entire team stepped up to make this wrap as outstanding as possible.

Once the prints were completed, our legendary installers meticulously took apart the truck and prepared it for installation. Once removing all of the door handles, mirrors, and sliding back the topper, they removed badges and wiped the entire vehicle down to ensure there was no contamination. They then laid out the vinyl on each individual panel, applying the vinyl while ensuring each panel matched up seamlessly. Once the vinyl was applied, they expertly trimmed the vinyl without cutting the paint, and perfectly reassembled the entire truck.

At this point, Nick himself added two coats of Adam’s Polishes Graphene Ceramic Coating, elevating the wrap’s finish. This coating is like adding a high quality wax on the entire surface of the vehicle. A wax that lasts for years and makes the wrap last much longer, while also making it much easier to take care of. The truck’s finish is now ultra high gloss, smooth as glass and hydrophobic, which is important during Colorado winters.

Our very last step with this project was a full video shoot “reveal” of Jordan’s truck. Because this was such a special occasion for us, we had a full unveiling of the truck and caught it on video. We were able to capture most of the entire process of this project in video, and we definitely plan to release more footage in the weeks and months ahead. In fact, we have over 700 GB of footage that we’re still sorting through – a visual journey from design to print and install.

Jordan’s Tundra now stands as a true work of art, a masterpiece that effortlessly turns heads and captures the essence of adventure. It’s a vehicle that demands attention and embodies the spirit of untamed exploration. Just like a lion, it’s powerful but doesn’t need to prove it to anyone. There’s no expense spared, and initial reactions to the wrap have been nothing short of groundbreaking. As avant garde as the wrap is, we really love it and the feedback we have gotten from it is incredible.

We’re immensely proud of this project’s outcome and extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jordan for entrusting us with his truck, and supporting Pureblind unconditionally. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Pureblind team as we continue to redefine the boundaries of design and embark on extraordinary projects. We’re stoked to have you along for this incredible journey!