Frequently Asked Questions about Vinyl Wraps.

How much does a vinyl wrap cost?

Pricing on vehicle wraps can have a wide range and there are many factors that affect pricing. With Pureblind you have plenty of options for coverage, materials, and design. Request a quote for your wrap by clicking HERE.

How long does a vinyl wrap last?

You should expect your car wrap to last roughly five to seven years, depending on the finish and proper maintenance. This of course will depend on a number of factors that contribute to wear and tear.

Wraps do not last as long on vehicles that are out on the road every day and in the sun a lot. With heavy wear and tear like this, the life expectancy may be as short as a few years. However, even something as simple as parking in the shade could increase the life expectancy of your vehicle wrap dramatically. Vehicles that experience lighter use will often have wraps that last seven years or more.

Another factor that can impact wrap lifespan is the quality of the installation. A wrap that’s not properly installed can start showing signs of early wear, bubbling, and edges lifting.

What are the benefits of a vinyl wrap?

Vinyl wraps protect your OEM paint and are 100% removable.

Warranties and/or lease agreements remain valid. Painting can void warranties, increase the cost of insurance, and is not even an option with a lease.

The cost for a vinyl wrap is considerably less than a comparable paint job. Vinyl car wraps wear as well as paint when properly maintained. The vinyl also protects the paint underneath.

Vinyl wraps can come in many colors. They can even be custom designed and can have a matte, satin, gloss, carbon fiber, or metallic flake finish.

You can affordably customize parts of your car.

In the event that repairs are needed, the part that was damaged can be easily replaced, providing a perfect match.

Can you wrap a car with paint scratches, dents or rust?

Vinyl wrap film is thin and flexible, which allows it to conform beautifully to the contours of your vehicle.  While it can be applied over imperfections, like paint chips or rust, be aware that it will conform to them – not cover them. Before spending the time and money to wrap a damaged or rusted vehicle, we recommend repairing it first.

Another thing to consider is that wrap vinyl will not properly adhere to unpainted surfaces, plastic, and rubber.

When I am ready to remove my vehicle wrap, will it damage or pull up the vehicles paint?

When properly installed, removing your wrap should not damage any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) paint finish upon removal, however there are some circumstances where removing a wrap could affect the underlying paint job, such as but not limited to:

  • Low quality after market paint job
  • Improperly painted clear coat
  • Rust
  • Paint chips

Do I have to wash my vehicle before installation?

Yes. All vehicles have to be free of dust, mud, pollen, and other agents that may interfere with adhesion or cause bubbling to occur after installation.

How do I care for my wrap?

Caring for your wrap is important for the longevity and overall quality of your vehicle. Click HERE to see our page on wrap care..

Refund and Project "Downgrade" Policy:

At Pureblind, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our clients. We value transparency and want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of our policies regarding refunds and project downgrades. All Sales are Final: We strive to work closely with our clients to meet their creative and design needs. However, it’s important to note that once we commence work on your project, there is no feasible way to reverse the process. As such, once any form of payment has been made to Pureblind, we are unable to provide monetary refunds under any circumstances.

Exchange and Material Switch: We understand that project requirements may evolve. Should you wish to exchange or switch materials after making a payment, please be aware that a restocking fee will be applicable. Additionally, the pricing for the project may be subject to change due to variations in material costs.

Project Downgrades: In the event that you choose to downgrade your project and proceed with only a portion of the originally agreed-upon scope, it’s important to note that you will remain liable for the full amount initially agreed upon. This policy ensures that our commitment to delivering quality and the allocation of resources are upheld.

We appreciate your understanding of these policies, which are designed to protect both our valued clients and our business. By adhering to these guidelines, we can maintain a high standard of service, minimize the risk of fraudulent activity, and avoid undue waste of time and resources.

If you have any questions or require further clarification about our refund and project downgrade policy, please feel free to contact our dedicated customer support team. We are here to assist you and ensure a smooth and successful collaboration.

Removal FAQ

When properly installed, removing your wrap should not damage any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) paint finish upon removal, however there are some circumstances where removing a wrap could affect the underlying paint job, such as but not limited to:

        • Low quality aftermarket paint job
        • Improperly painted clear coat
        • Rust
        • Paint chips

We charge $90/hour for removal and will give you an estimate after inspecting the wrap in our shop. Pureblind is not responsible for any clear coat or paint damage acquired during the removal process. Billing will be done after completion of removal.

Warranty FAQ

Is there a warranty?

We stand behind our work and offer a one year installation warranty. This covers any errors that occurred at the time of installation such as air bubbles and lifting edges due to our install. The material has a warranty through the manufacturer of up to 7 years. However, the actual lifetime varies depending on the sun exposure, weather, and aftercare maintenance and might not qualify for a claim depending on those factors.