Sherpa’s Racing Roadrunner

Hey, folks! Today, we’re thrilled to share the story behind our collaboration with Sherpa Equipment Company. If you aren’t familiar with Sherpa, they specialize in making adventure mods for vehicles and are very well known for their roof rack systems. Recently, they gave us the opportunity to create a custom wrap for their racing 4Runner, and we couldn’t have been more stoked to be part of this project!

For a little bit of background, Pureblind met Sherpa at the Overland Expo Mountain West in 2022 through a mutual friend and the owner of Mountain Yotas. Right off the bat they could tell that they would work well together, as both companies share the same values, creativity, and adventurous spirit.

Before starting the design, Nick, the owner of Pureblind, went to Sherpa’s state-of-the-art facility in Berthoud, Colorado. Here, he gained a genuine understanding of their brand and immersed himself in their vision. Just like how a good tattoo artist tries to understand their client before they start working on their artwork, Nick likes to take the time to get to know his clients and get a sense of their style and personality before making his designs. Getting a hands-on look at how the client operates, what their design goals are, and how the vehicle itself is configured all comes into play when creating a custom wrap.

Using his expert skills in Adobe Illustrator, Nick hand drew the wrap from scratch on a wacom cintiq tablet. Creating digital art this way allows him to capture the hand-drawn look of traditional art, but with all of the benefits of vector artwork. This wrap features the same vibrant yellow and black color scheme as the original wrap on they had, but now with a dominant Roadrunner taking center stage. During the design process, Nick made a deliberate decision to emphasize the Roadrunner and let it become the focal point. With the hood and back of the vehicle not being a major factor, he had to focus most of his attention on the sides. The result is a wrap that is energetic, stylized and captures the spirit of adventure, staying true to Sherpa’s brand identity while incorporating Nick’s artistic style. We are super happy with how this wrap turned out!

What makes this project even more special is the element of surprise. We kept this project under wraps until Sherpa unveiled it at King of the Hammers. It was super hard not to share it, but we did everything we could to keep it top secret! Now that the wrap has been released, this one of a kind 4Runner will also be making appearances at various expos throughout the season, not only showcasing all of the crazy modifications that they have done to it, but the wrap itself.


At Pureblind, we believe in the power of custom artwork and the joy it brings to both creators and admirers. We love the excitement of designing unique wraps that make vehicles come alive. Whether you’re an individual looking to express your personal style or a business seeking to make a statement, we’re here to help bring your vision to life.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Pureblind crew as we continue to push the boundaries of design and embark on thrilling projects. We’re grateful to have you alongside us on this incredible journey!