At Pureblind, we take immense pride in our work and our commitment to delivering the highest quality vinyl wrap installations. Our mission is to provide you with not just a vinyl wrap, but an experience that ensures your satisfaction and peace of mind. We believe in transparency, honesty, and standing firmly behind our craftsmanship. That’s why we offer the most ironclad warranty in our industry.

1. Installation Warranty

We stand firmly behind every installation we perform, and our one-year installation warranty reflects our dedication to excellence. This warranty covers any installation-related issues that may arise during the first year after your vinyl wrap is applied. Whether it’s air bubbles or lifting edges, we’ve got you covered.

2. Manufacturer’s Material Warranty

While manufacturer warranties can vary depending on the type of vinyl used, it’s important to note that they typically do not cover horizontal surfaces like roofs and hoods. Horizontal surfaces are typically the first areas to fail due to sun and weather exposure. With that being said, if your vinyl wrap experiences issues related to material defects within the manufacturer’s warranty period, we will take on the manufacturers to ensure your claim is addressed. You don’t have to navigate this process; we’ve got your back.

3. Premium Vinyl Assurance

Not all vinyl is created equally, and we understand that. Unlike some other shops that may make vague claims about using “high-end” vinyl, we are committed to transparency. We only use premium vinyl products that meet our stringent quality standards. We believe in delivering on our promises, and we want you to have complete peace of mind regarding the materials we use.

4. A Warranty You Can Trust

We understand that many vinyl wrap shops claim to offer warranties but fall short when it comes to fulfilling them. At Pureblind, we are different. Our warranty isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction. We stand by our work, and if you ever encounter issues covered by our warranty, we will be there to assist you promptly and professionally.

5. The 30-Day Check-In

We care deeply about the longevity and durability of your vinyl wrap. That’s why we require a 30-day check-in to keep your warranty in full effect. During this inspection, we ensure that your wrap is settling correctly and looking its best. This proactive approach helps identify and address any potential issues, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of our warranty for up to one year. If after 30 days your wrap looks great, with proper care your wrap should look great for years to come.

6. Care and Maintenance Guidance

The longevity of your vinyl wrap is not solely determined by the quality of our installation; it also depends on how well you take care of it. At Pureblind, we go the extra mile by providing you with expert guidance on how to maintain and protect your vinyl wrap. We want you to maximize the value and lifespan of your investment. We do not want you to come back, unless it’s to wrap more vehicles or create more amazing designs!

At Pureblind, we are dedicated to your satisfaction and the lasting quality of our work. Our warranty is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and standing by our clients every step of the way. We look forward to providing you with a vinyl wrap experience that exceeds your expectations on every level.